Dyanna Rosemary

Technology Meets Craftsmanship to Create Art in High Fashion Swimsuits

The exclusive swimsuit line of Dyanna Rosemary will be making its debut in the U.S. market at Curven Expo@Magic in Las Vegas NV from August 17-19.

Dyanna Rosemary’s approach into the creation of each collection is like a piece of artwork, with multiple layers and components. Given the fact that the basic cuts of garments in fashion wear have been created already, to impact the market and bring something new and fresh one must look for inspiration beyond the color basics. A designer may be inspired by art, nature, emotions and life experiences. What gives Dyanna Rosemary’s designs their breathtaking effect is a combination of geometry and visual arts, with the use of new technologies and inspiration from the sea. Dyanna Rosemary’s garments are custom designed from beginning to end. Starting with the design of the textiles. Using geometry we create abstract figures inspired by the colors of the sea and its creatures. Thanks to today’s graphic design technology we can create very complex compositions with a high attention to details, that is then transferred to the fabric with digital printing technology. This new printing system allows us to use multiple colors with inks that won’t fade or bleed into each other. Once the garments figure is designed, cut and sewed, the garment then becomes the canvas of our crafters, whom are given a theme and color scheme but are otherwise free to execute their craft. Our garments then become the outlet of their own inspiration and they describe the experience similar to the work on a mandala piece, where the repetition of sequences, shapes and colors interact creating a piece of artwork. As artisans we respect their contribution to the final design according to their own inspiration and giving us a garment that is unique and irreplaceable. The human mind is like a tactical print and although similarities may occur not one mind or person is like another just like our swimsuits. Let’s not forget that when things are created with love and dedication it shows. See it for yourself, visit us as Curven Expo@Magic in Las Vegas NV from August 17-19. Do not miss the official launch of our new 2016 collection. Nothing short of breathtaking. For more information visit us at www.DyannaRosemary.com or vie e-mail at info@DyannaRosemary.com

Dyanna Rosemary

346 Summer Circle,
West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL 33410,
United States


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